By creating simple and small power plants, we not only reduce the cost of electricity consumption of your building to zero, but also eliminate the fossil fuels in the electricity generation cycle, helping the healthier people on the planet to live.

Our Services

Home Power Planet

Build a home power plant with different capacities to generate free and clean electricity from 5 kW and up based on your needs

Industrial Power Planet

Creating industrial power plants with different capacities to generate free and clean electricity from 1 MW upwards based on your needs

Self run electric engine

The first self-propelled motor of electric vehicles that, in addition to providing the driving force of the car, also supplies the required electricity.
With this electric motor, the batteries of electric cars that weigh about 120 kg are removed and only a normal battery is used.

Why us?

We got the tools

We have a reliable team and experienced engineers to make machinery tools.

Certified Experience

The expert team has international certifications for the production of industrial machinery without any harmful effects on the environment

Competitive Pricing

Production and manufacture of power generating devices with the lowest cost of maintenance and production of electricity at a very justifiable price

Lifetime Guarantee

Has a one-year warranty and a lifetime of after-sales service

30 Years Experience

30 years of experience in manufacturing and producing equipment related to clean energy

Great Support

Life support of all manufactured devices is a proof of the highest quality of the company’s equipment.

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